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Welcome to my blog Dreams And Schemes. My name is Tori, I'm 14 years old and from Ireland. I was inspired after reading Zoe Suggs book series "Girl Online" to start a blog, and because of my love for watching YouTube videos as well as reading different blogs. I all ways thought it would be fun to start a blog, so I finally decided to do it!😆 I love photography so expect lots of cute pics📸 as well as art and reading. -I'm a huge Potterhead btw.- 
   Someday my dream is to travel the world with my Best Friends.🌍 On this blog I'll be posting many different things, hopefully tips and life hacks that I think might help others like you and I, with the odd DIY and I might even throw in one or two recipes. I really hope you like it.
   💖See ya! Tori xx
   ↬Be sure to check out my Besties blog Sapphire Girl Writes xx


  1. Hey Tori! Loving the posts so far! Thanks for the cheeky shoutout! -Saph


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