How To Wear Leggings

Hi welcome back to my blog♥ And since I have a very boring life and absolutely nothing exciting has happened I'm gonna do tips on how to wear leggings!
(I was inspired after reading How to be PERFECT on Wattpad check it out!)
Firstly I hope your all doing well, here is a quote for the day:

Okay so onto the tips 

Tip 1~ Leggings are NOT pants

If you are wearing leggings to avoid any embarrasing outcomes do not -I repeat Do Not- wear them as pants. Why? Because simply they are leggings not pants and honestly they are either gonna look lovely or absolutely disasterous. And unless you are a profesional fashion guru I wouldn't chance it.

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Tip 2~ When can I where leggings?

If you are wearing leggings it is best if you wear a loose long top. Loose because it is best if there is a contrast between your bottom and top i.e. If you are wearing tight pants so your top should be loose. Simularly if you are wearing loose pants its ideal if your top is somewhat tight.
And your top should be long because of step 1 (Leggings are not pants) and no matter how flattering you think your butt is you should cover it up with a long top or jumper.

Tip 3~ Colour and designs 

If you are wearing leggings black is the safest option. White or cream will get dirty very quickly! If your wearing desinged leggings beware they might make you look fatter then you are. If your leggings are designed leggings with pops of colour they will match great with a plain top.

Tip 4~ Buy quality leggings.

Leggings can get worn very fast and unlike jeans it generally doesn't look very nice. When buying legging make sure they are not see through and that they are think enough.

Tip 5~ What to style them with?

•Boots (Ankle or knee high),
•A long jumper and a scarf or long necklace,
•Long plaid or plain shirt,
•Layer (above picture),
•A short skirt.

Extra tips 

1. If your hips are wide you should should wear plain dark leggings and not printed or colourful ones.
2. If your legs are thick or short, wearing long leggings and shoes the same colour as your leggings your legs will look longer.
3. If your legs are skinny you can wear printed or colourful leggings (with a long top or a short skirt.) but be careful if you have a big chest or back because you might look disproportionate.
4. Don't wear too tight underwear or they will be visible.

I hope you liked it, please leave a comment!
                    See ya! đź’–Tori xx


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