"Perfect: absolute; complete [real] "a perfect stranger" [= "a complete/ real stranger"]"
I could sit her and type to you about how "Nobody is perfect", but then I'd be lying. Anyone and everyone can be and is perfect, if they just have the will power to believe that they are 'Perfect' and if you show the real you and people can't except you for that, they are not worth it! "There are plenty of fish in the sea" and somewhere there is a fish that will see how you are perfect! 
 If the definition stated above is correct (Which it is) we are perfect once we are absolute, complete, real! Now don't go thinking I'm saying you need material thing or people to be complete. You can be complete by living the life you wish to live, dreaming the dreams you want to dream. Being complete has to do with YOU and who YOU ARE on the inside not what you see in the mirror. It doesn't matter if you are tall, short, thin or fat, whether you have clear skin of not, the real you is perfect!
  I know this is something different but it kind of just happened. I hope you like it anyway♥

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