February Favourites

Hey, so today I decided to do something a bit different and do a review of my February Favourites! I'm going to talk about my favourites from this months including apps, books, fragrances, movies etc. Since this is my first monthly favourite post please bare with me and tell me what you think. So without further ado lets get into it↝

What happened this month:

Well this month was fairly unexciting I had a week off school for the half term I didn't really do any think worth mentioning, I took some cute pics which you will be able to see in the photography section of my blog, over there⇒⇒⇒ I also did some redecorating to my blog which one or two of you might know, feel free to leave a comment with your opinion. And yes I am aware of the fact that the middle link is not working in the menu bar but I'm working on that.

So here are some of my favourites for this month:

My favourite app this month is school related I know you don't want to be hearing about school but i found this app huge help while studying and doing homework. Its called Course Hero and basically you are given access to a huge range of resources for studying and homework, you are also able to ask personalised questions and share your own resources and tips. You can visit the website here.
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This month I watched a few different movies my favourites were Arrival, and the Lego Batman Movie.
  • Firstly I watched Arrival, I thought it was really good and I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a good Sci-Fi, mystery type movie I found  that it is something where you need to connect some of the dots yourself to fully understand it.

  • The other movie that I found really good was The Lego Batman Movie. Even tho it was aimed at a younger audience I though it was a great laugh for people of all ages. I am not a batman fan myself and couldn't tell you anything about him, but I found that it didn't effect the movie which I found was a huge plus. 

  • Ok so I'm starting off with this perfume which I absolutely love it was a birthday present from my friend so its not really a 'February Favourite' but a favourite in general, it smells so nice and sweet, and the term 'a little goes along way' definitely applies to this perfume!
Buy It Here

  • Alright then onto the next fragrance which is this candle. Yes it is a Christmassy candle but that doesn't stop me lighting it into March. I bought this candle in TK Maxx for around €8, the brand is DW Home. This one is Fresh Pine scented, it also comes in Candy Cane scent. I couldn't find an exact link to the candle but here is a link to the DW Home website and the TK Maxx website. *Also I have lit the candle but I took the picture before I lit it.

I have read a few books this month one that I think you would be interested in is Matched' by Allie Condie, book one in the Matched trilogy. 
Its about a society where everything is monitored and decided for you, when you die; on your 80th birthday, what you eat and how much; all according to your weight, level of fitness, age, health. A world where diseases such as cancer were wiped out but at what cost? The loss of free speech, opinion and say in your own life. There are only 100 poems, stories, and song kept, everything else was destroyed, gone forever. With the almost everyone illiterate and anyone who can forced to keep it a secret. Who you are matched with is established by testing of personality, but what happens when that's not how you want to live anymore, you no longer want to give your life to the society ? This is the story of the Cassia, the girl who wants to escape the society. You can visit the official matched website here.

I hope you liked it, please feel free you leave you opinion on what you think and if you would like to see this type of post more often. See ya! ~đź’–Tori xx


  1. Awww lovely things! That candle is so darling and I adored Lego Batman too, it was hilarious! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)


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