My Blogging Idol And Motivator ~ Erika Fox

Erika Fox
Hey welcome back to my blog. After a #BlogosphereChat about blogger competition I was inspired to write this post about my blogging idol Erika Fox who inspires me to keep on blogging even when I feel like it's pointless and that I should give up.

Erika Fox is an Irish blogger originally from Glenbeigh in Kerry. Glenbeigh is a fairly small village in Kerry about thirty/ forty minutes from where I live, and where I spend most of my Summers as my Dads from there. So that definitely encourages me as to think that someone who is now one of New York's most popular 'digital influencers' grew up so close and in a small(ish) village and I guess you never really imagine them to be from Ireland let alone Glenbeigh, its strange to think that I have probably passed her on the road and never knew that she'd grow to be so influential and one my blogging idols.
Erika started her blog RetroFlame back when she was 19 and studying in collage. Retro flame is a lifestyle and beauty blog. In an interview she said "I can't believe how big it's become. At the start, it was just my mam and sister and a few friends."  That especially stood out to me as it shows that just like everyone she didn't become famous over night, she started out like all bloggers and it took seven years of hard work and determination to get her to the point she is at now; living in America with a thriving blog and nearly 75,000 followers on Instagram and almost 12,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel that she started nearly a year ago.
Erika inspires me to keep on blogging and if you work hard you will be rewarded. 
In an interview with Erika was asked:
If you could give advice to a younger Erika Fox, what would it be?  
Her advice was "Don’t sweat the little things – what’s for you will never pass you." 


  1. Awww so inspiring, her hair is so beautiful and I love your blog also! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara (P.S we should absolutely follow each other on bloglovin or instagram haha :D xx)

  2. Ya she definitely had beautiful hair. Thanks you and I followed you on both :D ~ Tori xx


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