Guest Post~Okoto Enigma: Inspiration for her blog posts, her blogging journey and some blogging tips😊

Hey I'm Okoto Enigma from Before I start, I'd like to say "thank you" to Tori for letting me guest post on her blog. Today, I'll be talking about how I get my inspiration for my blog posts, my blogging journey, what I've accomplished from my blog, and lastly, accompanied with a few blogging tips. If you're wondering, my blog is mainly lifestyle, advice, poems, and my random thoughts on daily things. With that said, let begin.😊

The inspiration for my poems comes from my life experience and beliefs; and I've written over 100 poems. I'm a writer; I've always been. I love writing and I tend to pen down my emotions and feelings by channeling them through poems which for me is a form of therapy. Most of my poems are about love, heart break, and tragedy, which is based on the fact that I don't really see love as something that's important or real. So, my poet persona is usually a sad, broken hearted girl who either remains sad and alone, or who finds strength amidst all her pain. My poem being a form of therapy is just that it keeps me sane; I feel like the words I write down tell me truth I'm afraid to accept; so I write them down as poems. I thought they weren't that good at first but it turns out that people love my poems and that makes me happy.
The inspiration for my lifestyle posts is mainly propounded around my thoughts and ideas of things. I write lifestyle posts on random topics that come to mind. For example, 10 things I've learnt from being single, 17 things I hope to learn and achieve in 2017, etc; I love lists! All centred around myself and my thoughts. I get tired of writing poems sometimes so I switch to lifestyle every once in a while. My inspiration is mainly centered around me; my ability to use my words, my love for writing, and my desire to share my thoughts or creativity with people.
That explains everything about my blogging inspiration. Now, my blogging journey. My blogging journey has been a crazy and fun filled one actually; with a hint of stress. I've met so many amazing bloggers and I can't begin to list them because I might forget to mention others; but they know they're my go-to source. They're simply amazing to say the least. Although, I have to admit that I've been quite lazy with my blog lately because I recently went self hosted and I'm trying to get everything in order. Despite that, I've come a long way; 7 months of blogging with so many amazing friends who make everything worth while. The blogging journey has really been incredible!!! What have I accomplished from my blog? I guess my biggest achievement from my blog is getting an app for my blog which you can download from App store and Google play by checking for "Okoto Enigmas Blog". If that isn't a huge accomplishment then I don't know what is. Besides that, I've learnt a lot of things I had no idea about; and I feel like a web developer lol. In the past, I barely spent my time on the Internet but now, my life is the Internet and I keep learning so many things that ordinarily, I wouldn't have learnt or known about. My last accomplishment is my blogger friends because they've given me so much strength and support like no other. Plus, they're funny. Best of both worlds. That's all for now. Like I promised, I'll give a few blogging tips based on my experience. The first thing that helped my grow as a blogger was interacting with bloggers. I'd spend hours reading, liking, and commenting something useful on people's post. And that helped me get noticed. I didn't know about spam comments then like people do now but, spam comments show you didn't read the post. And that won't help at all. Secondly, you have to be active. There are so many bloggers and getting your work out there is really difficult; so posting high quality contents on topics you know about will help you get noticed little by little. I recommend being a daily blogger and if you can't handle it, you can become a weekly blogger later on. I also recommend having a schedule so you have a time to post and your readers know when to expect your post. Lastly, do not copy someone else's content because, first of all, that's plagiarism and Google is against that. Secondly, if the writer notice that you copied their work, they can report that post to Google. So, stick to what you know. You can borrow little ideas but write your own thing. That's all everyone. Thanks for reading; and once again, thank you Tori. Hope you enjoyed it. You can find me on: Fb: Twitter: Instagram: Bloglovin:


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