March Photography📸

Hey here are some pics I captured this month.

This was the sunset at Ross Castle over looking the lake with a cute little duck swimming by and some rowing boats too!

While Saph (check out her blog) were setting up our cameras we came upon this adorable little ladybird, so I snapped a cute pic!😆

Here is a pic of the waves crashing against the stones.🌊

An adorable mini starfish.⭐

A few flowers off a bush that I came by at my Nan's house.

The next few are pics of flowers that I captured at my cousins confirmation while the weather was nice for a change.

Here are some of the foods at my cousins baby shower.

Some buns, also from the baby shower.

Here is another wave this time breaking as it comes in to the shore! Sorry about the quality the weather wasn't the best. 

And another one.

Well hope you liked it, don't forget to leave your opinion.
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~Tori xx 


  1. Your photos are so beautiful!! Gemma x ||

  2. These photos are all so good! I need a good camera like this because I'm still using my iPhone. I love the starfish and the sunset! Xx ☺️ x

    1. Thank you😊 The camera is a Canon EOS 1300d

  3. Your photography is lovely! You're really talented :)


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