Music I'm Listening To This Month

"Everything that touches this earth leaves a special imprint, a unique mark that proves we existed in some way-- no mather how invisible we may feel."

Hey, so this post is about music; artists and music I have been listening to this month.😆

Favourite  Artists This Month

The Academics,
Avril Lavigne
Marina And The Diamonds,

Songs I Have Been Listening To This Month

These songs are definitely not all the same genre they range from calm and relaxing to punk rock.
The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
1985 by Bowling For Soup,
Green light by Lorde
Colors by Halsey 
Don't kill my vibe (acoustic) by Sigrid,
Whats my age again? by blink-182
Boulevard of broken dreams by green day,
Different by The Academics 
Words by birdy
Sick of loosing soulmates by dodie 
Teenagers by My Chemical Romance, 
Love drunk by boys like girls,
Stupid for you by waterparks,
Imagine by Avril Lavigne,
And all the songs by the artist mentioned in the first list!

~Tori xx

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