An Update

"Please grant me coffee to change the things I can.
And yoga to accept the things I can't"

Hi, to anyone who noticed my online absence, I'm sorry. I had exams and tried to study instead of going online and that went absolutely smashingly I failed a grand total of six out of the eleven test yay for me🎉

Anywayyyyy ITS SUMMER!!!☀️ So ya hopefully I'll have loads of posts up (including loads of pics and those two tags that I was nominated for months ago oops.) I have no plans for this summer but hopefully I'll get the swing of this whole blogging thing because to be honest lately I've being winging it a lot!

I was thinking (like three months ago) of starting a new thing where I just rant about life and the problems in the world, would ye like that? Well ya I think I might start that.
So ya that's all the things I have to say now, byeeeee and happy Summer!

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