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"Your speed doesn't matter,
Forward is forward."  

Teen Thoughts

Hi! So welcome back to my blog today I'm going to be trying out this idea I had its Teen Thoughts and since I'm a teen I hope these are going to be relatable or at least enjoyable to read. I hope to post things like what I think of the world, certain people, things I have strong opinions on and anything else I can think of! So without further ado let's get into it↝

𝔊lobal Warming// It makes my blood boil how some people can let the world go into turmoil, let the the world be destroyed. Because consequences don't matter as its our generation, the millennial, who are going to have to deal with the consequences of a world damaged beyond repair. Our children will live in a world surrounded by high rise building and skyscrapers, never experiencing natural nature but a controlled environment full of reintroduced animals and plants because *some* people of the world wouldn't do anything about it, anything to stop the changing climate which is causing animals and crops to be drove to extinction.

Paris Global Climate Agreement: Toward Entry into Force | Peace Palace ...
  • A long-term goal to limit global warming to 'well below' 2C, or 1.5C if possible
  • National pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the 2020s
  • A plan to make countries pledge deeper emissions cuts in future, improving their plans every five years
  • Rich nations to provide funding to poorer ones – ‘mobilising’ $100bn a year until 2025, and more thereafter
  • A plan to monitor progress and hold countries to account.
Ⱥ certain someone I'm sure you all know who, claims global warming is a "hoax" claiming China is trying to make US manufacturing companies "non-competitive". And yet people still voted for him. Why? Because he is going to make "America Great Again" by creating new jobs; lost from the competition of cheaper natural gas and regulations designed to protect the world from air pollution and to reduce green house gases responsible for global warming. All to "free up coal" and bring back dangerous life threatening jobs.

𝕋rump recently came out and said he is withdrawing from the Paris Agreement; a document working to reduce global emissions responsible for global warming.

𝕋rump says he is going to open back up coal mines and give miner back their jobs because "They love it".
𝖍ere is a video showing the average temperature through out the world. 
Blue is lower than average. 
Orange is higher than average. 

Well I hope ye liked this if ye did please leave a comment saying so and I'll be sure sure to do more like this on other topic I have strong opinions on. 

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