🖤A Little Bit About My Life🖤

Oh my goodness I'm horrible at coming up with post ideas and I'm so sorry that my content is crap and totally unrelated to anything else I've posted. So I've decided to talk a little about my life.

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Also prior warning sorry if this is really crappy, boring and seems like I want pity but I'm trying to be honest (you'll understand if you read on)

I'm fifteen and from Ireland. I'm going into third year (kill me now and save me from the late nights and disappointing grades to which will kill me inside and probably ruin my life (I'll realise I'm a failure and will also fail the Leaving cert and drop outta school.)) yikes I'm freaking myself out. So ya I'm soooo excited for  that.


"I am Tori, a fifteen-year old kid from Ireland. I have no major problems, no secrets, no terrors, no vices, no nightmares, no special talents... I have no story to tell. I am just a kid, that's all. I have my hopes and dreams, of course, just like everyone else. But that's all they are -- hopes and dreams." this is a quote I really like from the book iBoy by Kevin Brooks (I've obviously changes the personal info to fit me (my name, age, address) as well as the tense from past to present.) I like this because it's is so true. Everyone says 'you're special', 'You have loads of talents' but truth be told... I don't. I'm really freakin normal like everyone else, nothing special just a plain old girl with no story to tell.
I'm sorry I've already ruined this post with my sad life and we are only two paragraphs in😔
So on a happier note in my spare time I like to read a lot like an unhealthy amount. I play no team sport which basically where I live equals me never getting off my ass. I like to cycle and walk (but cycling burns more calories so... I'm more of a cycling person). I think I'm gonna finish this tomorrow and hopefully the mood will be less depressing (side note: NOT saying depression is being sad, I know that depression is much more serious but I didn't know how else to put it)

I'm back! Ok so in my spare time I also like to go to Order Of Malta which is basically a group where you learn first aid and cardiac response and you get to go out on duties to the races and matches etc. Once your are 16 you are able to do other more advanced courses. I really like it, much more than I originally expected.
I also like photography and art, although I'm not that good.
And that's basically my life.

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  1. That first paragraph sums my blog up so well 😂 All my posts are completely different and unrelated lol but that's okay. I like how real and honest you are, there's no need to apologise for being you ☺️ This style of writing is so informal and just like you're talking to a friend which is really nice 👍 And of course PROTIP made me laugh 😂

    1. Aww thank you. Your feed back really makes me feel better about my blog xx


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