đź–¤Blog Revamp And Aestheticđź–¤

Hola! As you might know I've changed my blog layout to a new theme. I'm hopefully going yo be able to stick to keeping an aesthetic. So I have included some mood boards↷

♥The first image represents the contrast between black and white as well as a sense of simplicity that I hope to incorporate into to my blog theme.
♥The image of the sparklers are of a gold tone and that is something I also hope to incorporate.
♥I included the flowers because I thought they were pretty and show the theme I'm going for.

♥In this image the moon phases are included because I really like it (I'd like to get a tat on my wrist of it) and to symbolise darkness and light.  
♥I included the type writer for two reasons one: the colours, two: vintage. The sparklers because they are gold and remind me to dream. 
♥The last two I included because I thought they were pretty xx

♥And another. This one has more colour.

That's is all I have to say. Hopefully I keep to this aesthetic and theme.
Please leave a comment with your opinion on the new theme and my aesthetic/ mood boards

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