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Long time no post. So I was nominated by Kate Hawkins from to do the identity tag back in April but I decided I was going to wait a while so I could find some new blogs to nominate and they we all know how easily one week turns into a month which turns into three. But don't worry no more I'm here and hopefully you will learn more about me and ye will find new blogs.
Also if I haven't specifically nominated you consider yourself nominated.

If they made a song about your life what genre would it be?
Mmm... I'm not sure because your a different person to people than you are in your head, if you know what I mean. I'd probably say Pop Punk (spotify's 'Pure Pop Punk' playlist👌) or 80's (I love this Charming Man by The Smiths💖) because I feel like it reflects what and who I wish I was.

What is your sole purpose in life?
I'd like to live a life where I'm happy and in which I make others happy. A life where I can use my knowledge and skills to help other people and make a difference to their life.

What do you regret doing?
I have a few🙈
  •  Picking business over art for the Junior Cert,
  • Picking Ms. Daily for a sixth class teacher,
  • Wasting my time on people who aren't worth it,
  • Painting my room pink😭.
I know these are mostly trivial things but I can't think of anything else

What are your strengths?
I'd like to think I'm good at telling if someone is ok and why not. As well as Order Of Malta (first aiders and cardiac response people who are generally at matches, activities, parades, competitions, etc)
But idk I'm not really good at anything.

What are your weaknesses?
  • Procrastinating
  • and everything.

What is one thing that people might not know about you?
  • I didn't have friends for a long time so when I meet someone I'm more than likely going to act as if we are friends once we talk to each other for a while. But this causes me to be let down a lot.
  • Just thought of another. Not being happy with who I am and feeling like I don't have a purpose.

What has been the best decision of you life?
  • Sitting down in Home Ec on the first day of first year and meeting my best friend.
  • Starting a blog.
What are you afraid of and why?
  • Not doing well in school,
  • Never meeting someone,
  • dying alone because everyone leaves me,
  • Never achieving anything,
  • Not being happy with who I am.

Okay that's all the questions. Here is who I nominate:
~ Mademoiselle
~ Adventures Of A Lost Teen 
~A Little But A Lot 
~ In A Messy World 
Adventuring Girl
~ Everyone else xx
 Thanks for reading can't wait to read yer posts xx
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