I wrote this ages ago and I've finally gotten around to posting😅.

Hey, If you saw the title you probably figured out that this about a message in a bottle that I found.

 The message contained a name, address aswell as a launch date and address.
The authors name was J Gonsalves and I'm obviously not going to give the address. The note was launched into the Atlantic Ocean from the South West coast of Ireland on June 9th 1963 (That's 54 years ago.)

I wrote a letter and sent it to the address listed on the message about how I came across their address along with a picture of the message. I would include a picture of the letter but its very hard to read.

I received an email not to long ago from the residence of the house. I was told that the house was sold to them by the wife of the author of the message. The man who wrote the message sadly passed away after five years of marriage and they had one daughter. They have all sadly passed away.

I would like to think that the authors was on their honeymoon when they sent the message. I would also like to hope that the message went around the world before landing back in Kerry 54 years later.

The message was wrote on the top of an Irish Press newspaper heading (an old Irish newspaper) dated for June 6th 1963.

The date of the launch of the message (June 9th) is the same date I wrote and sent the letter to the address. I was also informed by the present residence that their wedding anniversary is the 9th of June.

Have you or anyone you know ever found or sent a message in a bottle? Comment below
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