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Hello. Today I was back to school so I decided to write a post about my goals for the year.
I'm going into third year, junior cert year, so study and revision is super important, that is why I am setting some goals that I will hopefully achieve.

1. Bring my grade in Irish up to above 65% by Christmas☘
Irish is one of my worse subjects, to put it simply I find it completely pointless. It also doesn't help that my teachers in primary school were awful at Irish.

2. Bring my grade in Spanish up to above 75% by Christmas📈
Another subject I have trouble with is Spanish. In first year my Spanish teacher was awful, she didn't teacher as anything which meant that I didn't have the basics, but thankfully I now have a brilliant but strict teacher.

3. Always complete my homework on time and not leave it to last minute🕐
Since I don't have every subject everyday I have the chance to leave my homework until last minute. But this year I'm going to have all of my homework done the night before so I'm not freaking out in the class before trying to finish my homework.

4. Revise what we do in class📓
This is pretty self explanatory but I hope to revise what we do in class, before the next class, if that makes any sense.

5. Revise everything!📚
For junior cert we need everything from first to third year. If I can keep this goal I hope to revise a chapter from each subject a week (or in accordance with study plans we are given)

6. Be on time to class🕘
Self explanatory, just be on time to all of my classes.

7. Spend an hour studying every night.
Another pretty self explanatory one.

8. Sit up front and make sure I can see the board.
I don't know if anyone else feels like this but I feel really embarrassed sitting up the front or telling the teacher I can't see the board. More so now as I have glasses and sometimes teachers don't understand that me having glasses doesn't help if they write tiny with a dead marker.

9. Get involved with extra curricular activities.
I don't play any sports but I'd like to join badminton or volleyball this year.


Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post. See you soon👋

What are your goals for this year?

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  1. Complete homeworks on time will be a big challenge 😅 and if it helps, I'm only good with English; every other language is a "no" 😂 and the "stop procrastinating" part; I'm still trying to work on that so good luck 😅 and I hope you achieve all your goals love💕


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