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Hey, so it's only seven days until Christmas! I decided why not write about what I do and used to do to celebrate Christmas. Lets get started↷
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 When I was younger

Every year we would spend Christmas with my Nan at her house. The aunts and uncles who lived near by would come. The evening of Christmas eve would be spend peeling the vegetables and making sure we had everything for the dinner tomorrow. After everything was set and it was getting late my parents and I would bid our fair well and head back to our house (A.k.a. 'holiday home') across the road.
Christmas morning I would run to my door to check what was in my stocking trying to guess what it was without being able to see it from the lack of light. I'd then tip toe down the hall to my parents bedroom where I'd get into bed until we decided to travel to the sitting room. I'd open presents from Santa and I'd give my parents their presents before we'd head to mass. After mass we'd go back over to my Nan's house where my mum and her sister-in-law would discuss the optimum time to cook the turkey. They always had to compromise and go in the middle. My mum wanting dinner at 3 o clock while my aunt wanted dinner at 6 o clock.
After dinner everyone would exchange there gifts, the children showing what Santa brought them. Sitting down with the Christmas pie in front of the fire pulling Christmas crackers and telling the awful jokes.
When I think back it is not what I got that brings joy to my heart, it's the time with my family. I am still forever grateful for the gifts as it's something not everyone can afford.
The Christmas after my Nan died once again we gathered my Nan's house. Keeping a photo of her on the table as we made a toast to how Christmas wouldn't be the same.

Christmas now

Now Christmas is celebrated at home. It is pretty much the same. Christmas morning is still the same. After mass if the weather permitted it we would go for a walking around the National Park or up the mountain somewhere. Dinner is just my parents and I. We would go and visit my aunt and uncle after it. On St. Stephen's Day we go back to our 'holiday home', which is the house across from what was my Nan's house. Here we would stay for the remainder of the holidays.
This year for New Years I may be having a sleepover with some of my friends, a tradition that may have been forged if we can keep it going.

And that is Christmas in my house. Thank you for reading xx
Merry Christmas and best wishes for New Years, hope everyone stays safe and enjoys the season.

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